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The importance of SEO for small businesses

Do you perhaps own a small business in the Helderberg? (Strand, Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay) or even Cape Town? I do affordable SEO for small business!

Setting up your own small business is both super frightening and totally exhilarating! 
Selecting a name and registering your business, setting up business banking and all the paperwork is exhausting and stressful work! Then comes the website domain name and the designing of your website to showcase your bespoke services and product lines to the world.

AND you are LIVE and ready to trade! A sigh of relief!

Then reality sinks in:

How will my customers find my pages online?”
“Is my site even built with SEO in mind?”
“Can I still do SEO now that I have a site up and running already?”
“How much does SEO cost for small business?”
“Is SEO important for a small business?”
“Are there any SEO companies near me?”

Don’t fear! Yes, you DO need SEO to give your products and services a fighting chance against your competition and other well established businesses. A website can either be planned with SEO in mind, right from the start or SEO practitioners like Sixfoot5 Digital can do SEO on your live and established website. No worries.

What constitutes a “Small Business website?”

We categorize a small business website as a site with five or less main product pages.

Right, so how can you help me?

This affordable SEO package was developed to cater for a small business as a once-off basic service and cost, to ensure that your website is SEO friendly and that you are targeting the the right keywords or key phrases for your products.

What does this small business SEO package entail?

1. We setup Google Analytics tracking to gain insights in how users interact with your website, where they come from, which pages they visit and how long the stay – to name but just a few key metrics. We also connect another Google product called Google Search Console to Google Analytics to track metrics like rankings, the keywords your visitors use and a whole range of interesting data & insights.

2. We do something called Keyword Research to ascertain what the best descriptive keywords and phrases are to use for your products or services. These are the search terms your potential website visitors will be using to find you.

3. The keyword research that we do will also be used to label your Page titles, Page Descriptions, Headings, your site’s URLs and your images. We will also make sure all your pages are linked to one another so that search engines like Google can easily find all your pages. And finally we will build a site map to feed to Google’s crawlers to index and categorize your website.

4. Assist you to claim your Knowledge Panel through Google My Business.

5. We provide an optional but very insightful monthly report which will give you a bird’s eye-view of the performance of your website in terms of your users and pages all based on the tracking we installed in the beginning.

So what’s the difference between SEO for a small business and regular to large businesses?

  • Bigger businesses have big websites with multiple product and services pages.
  • They usually have tough competition online and require intensive SEO strategies to outsmart their competition and to secure their visibility online.
  • Larger businesses also create loads of content all the time that gets placed on the internet and all of this content needs optimisation to become authorities in their respective niches.
  • All of this does not take a week of SEO but months of on-page SEO, new page SEO, back-link analysis and creation, intensive keyword research, and the studying of huge amounts of analytics data in order to form SEO content strategies.

We realize that small business do not need these kind of in-depth SEO services as a start and nor do these small business necessarily have the budget for a full blown 12-month SEO strategy.

Finally, so if you have found this page, it is most probably because you are interested in SEO for a small business like yours and we are excited to get your website on track and going – at an affordable once-off rate!

Benefits of SEO for small business

Small businesses often have an interesting array of products or services without necessarily having massive competition for them online. This makes it particularly attractive to optimize for SEO because you stand a solid chance to be found for your niche products in online searches.

Obviously if a small business plays in a very competitive space then the struggle is real across the board. Many a small business rely on word of mouth, references and testimonials, family and friends etc. Nowadays with over 90% of people searching for products or services online it’s imperative that you are found in Google otherwise you simple do not exist for these product searches.

There are many different kinds of online marketing strategies you can choose to implement, but SEO has consistently proven to be one of the most profitable and affordable investments in the long run. If you compare SEO budgets to Google Ads, Media spend, Display advertising and TV, there is simply no comparison.

An initial investment in SEO costs will very likely yield great ROI down the line as better online visibility for your products is bound to attract more visitors and in turn increase conversions into sales. It is therefore important to make an investment into your website (which you paid for dearly) and to give it a fighting chance among your competition.

There is good news if your website is currently ranked low in search engine results! You will be able to increase your ranking just by doing a few basic SEO things right.

How much does SEO cost for small business?

We have carefully designed and crafted a basic Small Business SEO package for you.

Cost once-off: R3850.00 (all inclusive)

Data & Insights *report: R350.00 (Monthly fee with the option to cancel at any time)

Duration: 5 work days

Again, what do I get for this?

  • Setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console tracking.
  • Keyword Research.
  • On-page Optimisation for Page titles, Page Descriptions, Headings, site URLs, images, interlinking and sitemap.
  • Assist you to claim your Knowledge Panel through Google My Business.

*The optional monthly report based on the tracking is a great way to know how your site is performing online and how to structure your marketing efforts and website based on our consumer journeys! 

Give the report a try for a month or two! The first month is on us!